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Welcome to Outdoor Fitness Israel!

We are one of Israel’s number one organisations for outdoor fitness. We provide a full range of classes that include TRX Suspension Training, Circuit Training, Boot Camps, Yoga, Boxfit, Strength & HIIT classes.

All the classes are in small groups on average 15-6 people. The instructors are qualified and experienced personal trainers with qualifications from Israel and the UK.

As the classes are small, attention is given to each individual giving the members a quality and safe service with maximum results at a very affordable price.

With gyms sometimes being busy and too compact, Outdoor Fitness Israel makes it fun and enjoyable. Outdoors workouts are better for your physical and mental health, with big open spaces to breathe and also the social factor of meeting new people and encouraging each other.

Outdoor Fitness Israel is simple as that: It costs from 250 nis a month for unlimited classes. You just create an account online and start booking classes on our app

We are located in Tel Aviv and soon will be growing with more classes and locations around Israel.

Especially during this COVID-19 time many of us are feeling not so comfortable to be in a small space in gyms & studios. But not to worry, with our outdoors training, the spaces are big enough for us to workout and feel more comfortable in our surroundings so you can make your workout very enjoyable


12 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP                      3000 NIS 


3 MONTHS MEMBERSHIP                         900 NIS 


1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP                          350 NIS 



46 Hei Be'Iyar Street

Kikar Hamedina

Tel Aviv

Tel: 054-686-5682 Daniel

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