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Semi Private
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Semi Private Personal Training

For semi private personal training there are many advantages, and some prefer it over personal training for several reasons:

  • Group Motivation - A group has the power to motivate other participants, especially when the group is small, allowing for personal attention to each trainee.

  • Individual Adaptation - Despite having multiple participants, individual customization is emphasized for each trainee, from beginners to advanced levels, medical conditions that require attention, and more. 


Training in Small Groups - Up to 6 participants, suitable for all ages. The duration of the training is 45-50 minutes and includes two types of workouts:

  1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) - Cardiovascular endurance, muscle strengthening, and fat burning. Intensive interval workouts for maximum results in minimal time. The training combines weights, full-body workouts, and maximizes calorie burning in minimal time. Achieves excellent results with a high heart rate.

  2. Strength Training - Excellent for anyone looking to build muscle using exercises based on gym equipment that focus on lifting heavier weights than usual, with varying repetition ranges and different recovery times. The exercises will involve isolating specific muscle groups while working on broader muscle groups throughout the body.



46 Hei Be'Iyar Street

Kikar Hamedina

Tel Aviv

Tel: 054-686-5682 Daniel

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